How to export Figma to HTML/CSS Code with Responsive Design?

Use AI to convert/export your designs into code. Convert your mockup into developer-friendly and fully-responsive HTML and CSS code, or directly into React/Vue.

Real examples from Figma

Please view the exported results and code to understand pxCode's design-to-code and responsive capabilities.
Figma Official Design
Community Design
Example of Using Component / UI Library
Simple Component

Clean Code and Well Structured HTML

In the process of converting Figma to Code, engineers are primarily concerned with several aspects: whether the HTML structure meets their expectations, whether the code is clear and easy to maintain, and whether the HTML can support both desktop and mobile versions to achieve responsive design. The realization of these key elements depends on whether the editing tool provides powerful functionalities that allow editors to create the structure and code they desire. pxCode is a software tool designed to meet these needs of front-end engineers.

Support Fully Responsive Design

By importing Figma into pxCode, users can reconstruct the ideal HTML structure based on the original visual design within pxCode. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) feature of pxCode enables users to easily adjust through media queries to achieve a complete responsive design, thereby seamlessly transitioning the design from a desktop version to a mobile version. Ultimately, pxCode is capable of outputting very clean and maintainable code, which is entirely structured by the user. Depending on the requirements, users can export the design into various code formats such as HTML, React, or Vue, with a quality comparable to hand-written code.

How to Convert your Figma Design to HTML Code?

In order to convert your work from Figma you first need to install pxCode Figma Plugin. Once you have the plugin installed you are ready to convert any Figma design to HTML by following 4 simple steps.


Run the pxCode Figma Plugin

Launch the Figma export plugin by following this steps: Right click > Plugins > Figma to HTML with pxCode
Get the Figma Plugin

Run the pxCode Figma Plugin

Select your Layer to Convert

Select the layer to convert. Click "Convert to Code" Button in Figma Plugin

Select your Layer to Convert

Editing Structure and Responsive Behavior

On the editing canvas, you can utilize AI and visual aids to write programs. You can edit the structure as per your needs and use Media Queries to design and edit for responsive web pages.

Editing Structure and Responsive Behavior

Export Code to Integrate

After completing the editing, you can select [Export Code] to get HTML/React/Vue
Export Code to Integrate
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