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20x Faster , Cost Effective and Clean Code

Transform your Figma designs into responsive, pixel-perfect, clean, and developer-friendly HTML, React, or Vue with our Figma to HTML service.

Real examples from Figma

Please view the exported results and code to understand pxCode's design-to-code and responsive capabilities.
Figma Official Design
Community Design
Example of Using Component / UI Library
Simple Component

Challenges Encountered in Front-end Development

  • Software Engineers spend a lot of time converting designs into code.
  • Designers cannot present intricate responsive effects in design software.
  • Business Owners want faster results to make adjustments, but this causes communication and rework.

A Revolutionary Way to Front-end Development

20x productivity with clean code and pixel precision

Design to Code

Import design file directly!
100% Pixel Perfect to the original design without painful measurement of handoff tools like Zeplin

  • Import Figma

    No compromise on quality. Every pixel is accurately positioned according to the original design. Figma to HTML!
  • No more Hand-Coding

    No more painful and time-consuming measurement and hand-coding with handoff tools
  • Empower designers to develop websites

    pxCode enables designer to create any design you wish without limitation
  • Automated Asset Management

    One click for all source code and assets files. No more back and forth for assets export and management

Instant Web Editing

pxCode provide quick and straightforward editing and coding on screen. You have complete control over structure, layout, and code.

  • Visual Programming

    WYSIWYG, What you edit is the same to what you get in browsers with Instant Preview
  • Smart Editing with AI

    Boost your productivity by editing with intelligent AI Assistant for responsive layouts
  • Fully Responsive HTML

    Support Media Query and Breakpoint, Pure CSS Responsive web design
  • Responsive Preview

    Just one click to preview across browsers/device size and share to others with a link for communication

Clean Code

Export well-structured code under your editing which is developer-friendly for integration, no more dependencies

  • Quality Code

    Code exported is well-structured under your editing. Exports are pure HTML / JS / SCSS / Tailwind CSS code, no dependencies
  • Works seamlessly with your Stack

    Figma to HTML, Figma to Vue, Figma to React. Freedom to pick any framework — you own the full stack
  • Shared Component Support

    Edit components once and reuse across pages. Better structure and modularity of the project
  • React.js / Vue and Props Editing

    Integrates with React.js, Vue, Next.js (JSX/CSS in JS). You can edit component's props, sub-rendering, conditional rendering in pxCode.
  • Support CSS BEM Naming

    You can create legible CSS classes based on pxCode BEM tree naming
  • Support Tailwind CSS

    Figma to Tailwind. No more semantic class names, now pxCode supports Tailwind CSS for HTML/React/Vue project
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